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    No.8 qianliu Industrial Zone, Tiankou Town, Ren County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China
    +86 15607678250

    Company profile

    Xingtai Jiyong metal seal manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of automobile oil seal, industrial oil seal, hydraulic seal and metal stamping products. With more than 25 years of manufacturing and technical experience, through continuous quality improvement, NNK & CDI has occupied a place in the global OE market, and has gradually become one of the world's leading manufacturers of sealing products, and has established a global cooperation and sales network. NNK & CDI seals are widely used in automotive, industrial, hydraulic and pneumatic, construction and mining equipment industries.

    We provide one-stop sealing products and sealing technology services:

    1、Industrial oil seal (TC TYPE)Have enough stock,the NBR rubber stock has the spot, fkm rubber part model has the stock .

    2、Hydraulic oil seals have a variety of types,and have stock.

    ①Compact seal: DAS, OK seal

    ②Pu seal: IDU, ODU, UN, UHS, DHS, BS, UR, J wiper

    ③Rubber seal: IDU, ODU, USH, UPH, LBH, FA(J)

    ④PTFE seal: HBTS, SPGO

    3、 the skeleton oil seal: Outside diameter specification from 7mm to 1070mm, the specification is complete, the NBR rubber stock has the spot, fkm rubber part model has the stock Special styles can be customized, mold R & D, short delivery, quality assurance

    4、all kinds of valve seal have stock.

    5、 O-ring: Stock specifications - American Standard AS568/ international standard ISO3601/ China standard.

    Non - standard O - shaped ring without the need for mold costs, short delivery time.

    6、Seal bonded : Metric inch spot stock supply

    7、Water plug, copper washer, a variety of standard non - standard stamping part.

    8、 dustproof ring.