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    About us

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    No.8 qianliu Industrial Zone, Tiankou Town, Ren County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China
    +86 15607678250

    Development history

    1995, the company was founded, chairman Liu set up the metal stamping company, customer as well -know sealing factories in HEBEI.

    2000, developed own brand,NNK,and began to produce seals and sell them in foreign markets

    2003, corried out the second expansion.

    2006, vacuum forming and sulfur grade were used to reduce the defective rate and improve production efficiency.

    2009, the company obtained UKAS certification and passed ISO 9001 International quality assurance system.

    2011, the famous OEM company in the Middle East passed the factory audit.

    2014, well-known OEM company in the Middle East and Western Europe officially placed orders for mass production.

    2016, our company was awarded the UK SGS certification and passed the ISO/TS16949 International Quality Management System certification.

    2018, our products are sold to every country in the world, and we have established long-term partnership with OEM company in many countries.

    2019 The company will carry out its third expansion.

    2020 looking forward to your World Class Manufacturing level with a World Class Brand.