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    Top 10 seal brands in the worldComplete products: O-ring, star ring, V-ring, skeleton oil seal, combination seal, guide belt Involving a wide range of industries: machinery manufacturing, hydraulic industry, automobile manufacturing industry, valve industry, pharmaceutical machinery industry As a modern sealing technology company, UKs has rich experience, advanced technology and innovative products. It is widely used in mining, machinery manufacturing and other industries. UKs forklift seal is one of the most popular forklift
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    What is a box oil sealThis kind of oil seal has a special structure, which is different from ordinary oil seal. It is generally composed of outer ring and inner ring. The outer ring is a bit like our common framework oil seal, but it is also specially designed, such as positioning, dust-proof, oil storage and other structures.
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    Sealing principle of framework oil sealSkeleton oil seal is a typical representative of oil seal. Generally speaking, oil seal refers to framework oil seal. The function of oil seal is to isolate the parts that need to be lubricated in the transmission parts and the output parts, so as not to let the lubricating oil leak. The skeleton is like the steel bar in the concrete component, which plays a reinforcing role and keeps the shape and tension of the oil seal.
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    What is the problem of oil leakage at the framework oil seal?A radial load, namely radial pressure, is generated in the process of the oil seal lip engaging with the journal. This pressure has a great influence on the wear rate and sealing performance of the oil seal lip.
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    Structure type and performance characteristics of oil seal deviceThe oil seal device can prevent the invasion of dust, moisture, metal powder and other harmful substances from outside. Prevent lubricant leakage from the bearing housing. Therefore, the oil seal device for any operating conditions must always play a sealing, dust-proof purpose. It is not allowed to cause abnormal friction and burning. At the same time, the bearing disassembly, assembly and maintenance can be carried out smoothly.
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    The name of each part of the oil seal and how to check whether the oil seal is qualified?Oil seal is used to seal the rotating shaft in mechanical equipment, and the cavity is basically static, so the oil seal is also known as rotary shaft lip seal ring. The oil seal is mainly composed of sealing body, reinforced framework and self tightening spiral spring.
    2020-07-15 More
    What is PTFE oil seal?Oil seal is a kind of seal, which is widely used in seals. Because of its good sealing performance, good performance characteristics, low price, simple structure and convenient installation, it is accepted by the majority of customers.
    2020-07-15 More
    Matters needing attention in rubber mold designRubber mold is the mold that natural rubber or synthetic rubber is made into rubber molding parts. Also known as rubber mold, rubber pressure mold, rubber vulcanization mold. Metal model used for pressing rubber products.
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    How are seals classifiedSeals are widely used, from daily life to all fields of industrial machinery and equipment can see the figure of seals. Sealing is mainly divided into static sealing and dynamic sealing
    2020-07-15 More
    Types and uses of sealing materialsThe sealing material shall meet the requirements of sealing function. Due to different sealing media and different working conditions of equipment, sealing materials are required to have different adaptability. The requirements for sealing materials are generally
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